Muspelnirr (Fire Giants)

Fire giants in Asengervald are very similar in behaviour and social structure to typical Pathfinder fire giants. Their society – and there is only one, as all fire giants live very near each other at the base of a dormant volcano in the Keberines – is regimented and structured much like an army.

There are three corps: guardsmen, infantry and smiths. The guardsmen are responsible for keeping the fire giant city safe, the infantry for making war outside the city, and the smiths for arming both groups. All are headed by a great general.

Fire giants mostly keep to themselves, taking territory only when it has resources they need or when a particular Underdark race offends them. They are on good terms with the ieuminar and the illithid, but periodically war with the derro and dwarves.

No one knows why, not even the fire giants, but they attack and kill frost giants at every opportunity.

Muspelnirr (Fire Giants)

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