Keberine Range

The Keberine Range is a ridge of mountains just south of the Weftsjot, and running down the western edge of the land. These mountains are the tallest and most rugged on the continent, not that the Asengiir are necessary aware of this. At the summit of the tallest of these mountains, simply called “The Fastness,” the Great Dragon of the North makes his home. Legend says that from tip to tail he’s larger than Horthoth itself, although there have been no reliable sightings of the ancient creature for centuries. When he does emerge, it’s always at a time of war. The Dragon doesn’t take sides, but merely observes. There are legends that he has an army of ice golems at his disposal and that, if pressed, he will send them out to serve the side that best suits his plans and desires, but that has never happened in the history of the human settlement of the area.

When the Fylgja crossed through the mountains, the jotun emerged from their craggy homes and threw boulders at the would-be settlers, and likely would’ve smashed them all to bits were it not for the Dragon showing up and roosting on a nearby mountaintop. The jotun fled and since then that pass is known as the Dragon Pass and any human crossing it need not fear the jotun.

That said, the mountains are fairly crawling with giant-kind. Frost giants are rare enough, usually living in small communities of two or three families, but ogres and hill giants are rampant, as are other, darker creatures like ropers and cliff fishers. There are rumours that an even stranger creature can be found in the mountains these days – a covey of humanoids with heads like those of squids. Their gaze is said to be hypnotizing and, according to one survivor of an attack, they eat only the brains of their victims. The man’s gibbering account is only marginally coherent, but the fact remains that those who did not survive the attack seems almost unharmed, but that the insides of their skulls were bone-dry.

The western ridge of the Keberine Range leaves a considerable space of land on its western side, but this area is frequently flooded and is inhabited by a variety of aquatic and semi-aquatic monsters. According to the orcs, this area was once settled by the athaminar, the high elves of legend, and some of the remnants of that old civilization may be there still, if anyone were brave enough to cross the mountains through orc country and then press into the cold swamps into the otyugh- and froghemoth-infested ruins of the old cities.

This section of the mountains is also the site of the largest enclave of orcs in all of Asengervald in the grim stone fortress-city Ulkuain. The population fluctuates dramatically – orcs are not shy about eating their own when winter famine hits, and they are always at war with someone – but the horde is only kept from sweeping over the land by their enmity with the other monstrous races.

Keberine Range

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