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  • Eye for Detail

    You have a knack for seeing fine distinctions that could easily be overlooked. Benefits: You get a +2 bonus on all Appraise and Perception skill checks. If you have 1- or more ranks in one of these skills, the bonus increases to +4 for that skill.

  • Learned Musician

    Prerequisites: Bardic music ability Benefits: You can apply your Intelligence modifier to all Perform checks and bardic knowledge checks.

  • Ahmun Hesaar-Thal (Pierce My Enemy's Heart)

    Prerequisites: Favoured enemy, base attack bonus +6 Benefits: As a free action, when attacking a favoured enemy, you can sacrifice 1 point of favoured enemy bonus to increase crit range by one. This increase in range does not stack with Improved Critical …

  • Qesrei Vulthu (Illusion Shield)

    Prerequisites: Minor Spell Expertise, can cast 6th-level spells Benefits: Can sacrifice a spell of any level to gain a shield bonus equal to half the level of the sacrificed spell for 5 rounds plus Intelligence or Charisma modifier. This shield bonus is …

  • Thalsar (Heartstrength)

    Prerequisites: Favoured enemy ability Three times per day, when you reduce a favoured enemy to negative hit points, you regain hit points equal to the favoured enemy's HD. The target of this ability is immediately slain, but can be resurrected or raised …

  • Improved Dodge

    Prerequisites: Dodge, 5th level Once per round, you gain a dodge bonus to AC equal to ½ your BAB against a single melee or ranged attack.

  • Greater Dodge

    Prerequisites: Dodge, 11th level Once per round you gain a dodge bonus to AC equal to your full BAB against a single melee or ranged attack.