Eloinaushria Theoros-Ballimon "Eli"

Aged and wise wizard


Eli is old, even by athaminar standards. He is one of the few remaining who was an active participant in the Nightstorm War, making him over a thousand years old. He is spry for his years, but tires more easily than he used to and is rarely seen without his walking cane. Unlike the other Elders, he wears his white hair in a single long plait with no ornamentation or decoration.

His eyes are kind, but distant and, at times, haunted by memories of the past.


Eli is a member of the Elders of the athaminar of Asengervald. He is fond of humans, regarding them, as a race, as his equals, but has difficulty understanding the very temporary nature of their lifespans.

Eloinaushria Theoros-Ballimon "Eli"

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